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Elmore Bible contributed by Jean Copple

This is a Bible that came to me from my husband's aunt, Audeen Copple.  I assume it came to her from her grandmother, Mary Henly Cloud, wife of Marion L. Williams, son of Allen G. Williams and Lutecia Elmore, daughter of William Elmore & Mary Estes.  I still have the Bible and have no doubt as to it's authenticity.  There is, however,  the possibility that whoever copied the family information into this Bible may have misread the original source. The info was written after 1841 and the birth year for William seems to be at odds with his age on 3 census records--1820, 1850 & 1860. According to those records, he could have been born about 1796.   I've found no reason to doubt the other dates. 

The names of the children seem to support the William's descendancy from William Elmore & Mary Rippy. 

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